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Queen Ruby Bedroom Suite

Stunning Bedroom Furniture

Revamp Your Bedroom with Stunning Bedroom Furniture

Everyone needs a place to call “home”. It’s a place where you can let your hair down, feel secure, escape the worries of the world and simply be yourself, without a public façade or pretence. However, within this happy home, most people need an additional private inner sanctuary, a bedroom – adorned with comfortable and aesthetically pleasing bedroom furniture.

Buy Bedroom Furniture that Works for You

If you purchase bedroom furniture that works for you and reflects your personality and personal preferences, your furnishings automatically reinforce the fact that you’re truly at home. From the moment that you step into your bedroom, a ‘home is where the heart is’ ambience should envelop you.

Whether you are updating your current bedroom, furnishing your new home or creating the perfect kids’ sanctuary, you can enhance the space by choosing stunning bedroom furniture from Ericssons Mattress & Pine, where furniture and branded mattress prices are unbeatable.

Time to Revamp Your Favourite Pieces

Should your current bedroom furniture fall short of your expectations because it’s past its prime or the furnishings are old, scuffed and simply worn out and rickety, it’s definitely time to revamp or replace it.

When revamping a previously furnished bedroom, you may decide to keep certain favourite and useful pieces. In this instance, a partial revamp can refresh the item. A new, personally selected mattress, at Ericssons’ budget-beating prices, can totally change a bed’s level of comfort and support, as well as the quality of your sleep, leaving you feeling rested, relaxed and free of nighttime aches and pains in the morning – the Ericssons restorative solution.

If bedroom furniture is scuffed but still quite sturdy, you can try some TLC. If not veneered, lightly sand the furniture’s surface with finely textured sandpaper. Wipe away wood dust, then seal the sanded surface or treat it to a trendy paint technique with chalk paint or Gripseal stain.

How to Create a Warm and Welcoming Bedroom

We all want our bedrooms to be a cosy oasis of tranquillity and relaxation, and, with a few touches and decorative accents, you can create a calming atmosphere that beckons you to rest.

  • Wood Equals Warmth: Wooden features in a room radiate warmth and cosiness while embodying an attractive and on-trend look. Ericssons solid pine bedroom furniture will make excellent additions to your space.
  • Light It Up: Lighting can drastically influence a room’s ambience. Cool-toned ceiling lights make for a stark scene that doesn’t quite exude the serene atmosphere of a bedroom. Add softer lighting to your space with bedside lamps or standing lamps to create that warm glow.
  • Play with Neutrals and Texture: Although your bedroom colour should reflect your unique preferences, earthy neutrals can create a calming environment. Still, whether you love dark and moody tones or deep and rich colours, pack on the cosiness with luxurious linen and bedding, bulky blankets, throw cushions and gorgeous rugs in your colour of choice and let relaxation envelop you.
  • Drapes are Not Drab:  Window coverings, including sleek blinds or flowing curtains, soften your bedroom space and add an element of homeliness. Choose light patterns, interesting textures, or a fitting colour for your window treatments.

Achieve the Look with Ericssons Bedroom Furniture

At Ericssons, you will find numerous stunning bedroom furniture options to mix and match with your existing old favourites that you wish to retain. Alternatively, you may prefer to replace everything, thereby revamping your bedroom in its entirety.

Either way, Ericssons Mattress & Pine is on hand to assist with amazingly competitive prices, exceptional customer service, helpful recommendations, and a commitment to you, our customer. Whether your mind is set on something specific, perhaps a quality bedroom set or a selection of separate bedroom furniture pieces, you can’t go wrong at Ericssons. Visit your nearest store or shop online for items that will make your house a home.

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