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Pine Furniture with Timeless Elegance

Pine Furniture: Timeless Elegance for Your Home

Nothing quite embodies your unique décor style as your choice in furniture and if your taste leans toward timeless elegance, then there is no better option than pine furniture. Indeed, its unmatched versatility ensures that these pieces almost seamlessly tie into any décor preference. Whether you seek the rustic appeal of unfinished wood, the provincial charm of whitewashed furnishings or the sophistication of darker wood tones, you can achieve these looks with minimum effort when purchasing pine furniture. Ericssons Mattress & Pine offers a comprehensive range of attractive pine furniture options to suit any decorative preference.  

Pine Furniture Achieves Style with Minimum Effort

A popular choice for wood in its natural, raw form, pine furniture can simply be sealed to ensure lasting durability and protection. With a quick lick of sealant, you can boast organic pieces that embody clean, simple lines and warm tones contributing to the light and airy ambience of the popular Scandinavian décor style.

The enduring quality of solid wooden furniture is most showcased with traditional décor options relying heavily on the timeless sophistication of stained wood pieces. With a dash of DIY, you can achieve this look affordably by touching up pine furniture with a stain in a hue of your choice, from cherry and walnut to mahogany and oak. Add rich colours and luxurious fabrics, and your home will be the epitome of classic style.

If the welcoming atmosphere of farmhouse charm is more appealing to you, then you can give your pine furniture a fitting look with a whitewashing paint technique or a lick of chalk paint in earthy tones of blues and greens. Your wooden pieces will complement your home’s rustic elegance in a few simple steps.

Furniture DYIs Made Simple

The versatility of pine makes it an exciting choice for DIYers who prefer to let their creativity flow in home décor projects. However, for the less ambitious DIYer, pine pieces are excellent options as they are solid, quality furnishings that don’t break the bank. At Ericssons, we offer treated and raw pine furniture depending on your preference.

Pine is regarded as a soft timber. When untreated, raw pine tends to absorb moisture and may warp, stain, or develop water marks. Therefore, it is best to finish raw pine products by sealing, staining, painting or treating them. We stock ranges of Gripseal and Cameo Décor chalk paint. Both products are water-based, so they’re low-odour, user-friendly and easy to wash off hands, paint brushes and rollers, and sponges making light work of any furniture DIY project. You are free to choose your own colours and application techniques that will protect, preserve, and perfect your furniture.

When applying these timber treatment products, there’s rarely a need for lengthy, messy pre-application surface preparation. It’s simply a matter of wiping away dust, opening the container, applying the chalk paint or Gripseal treatment directly and waiting for it to dry. It’s as simple as that! You can achieve your look with ease – no need to splurge on alternative wooden furniture designs.

Enduringly Popular Pine Furniture at Ericssons Mattress & Pine

With a long-standing 50-plus-year presence in the local furniture industry, Ericssons is a trusted supplier of affordably priced furniture and mattresses. Our flagship products are our pine furniture pieces and they furnish the homes of many South African families seeking enduring quality on a budget.

So, whether you have recently settled into your first home and are filling it with furniture you love or are refreshing your dated home with pieces that suit your taste, shop with Ericssons. Pop into one of our outlets for friendly service or enjoy the convenience of shopping online. Add a touch of timeless elegance to your space with Ericssons’ trusty pine furniture.     

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