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beds and base sets

Buy Base Sets or Pine Beds

Buy Base Sets by Trusted Brands from Trustworthy Suppliers If you were in a situation in which you had to buy base sets, bare beds or stand-alone mattresses, the complete package would undoubtedly take first prize, providing that it’s a trusted brand, followed by mattresses only and, last of all, bare beds or bare bases.

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mattress for sale

Find a Mattress for Sale

Find a Mattress for Sale with Our Best-Selling Variety Sleep is important; quality sleep is even more so. Much depends on whether you’re healthy, your bedroom is well-ventilated, you’re not too hot or cold, and, most importantly, you’re comfortable and properly supported when resting on a bed and mattress that suits your individual needs. This

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bedroom furniture

Best Bedroom Furniture Buys

Best-Buy Bedroom Furniture If there is one piece of furniture that clearly defines the bedroom, it is the bed. Without it, the space may have any purpose. Moreover, the bedroom is an inner sanctuary, a private space in the home that’s dedicated to rest, relaxation and refreshing sleep. Welcoming, Functional and Free of Clutter However,

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Rest Assured Body Tech Base Set

Rest Assured Mattresses Range

Rest Assured Mattresses for Affordable Assurance of Quality Rest Once almost exclusively a supplier of affordable but durable, solid pine furniture, today’s Ericssons Mattress & Pine retail outlets also offer a variety of top-selling, well-known mattress brands, which include extremely popular sleep solutions that carry the Rest Assured brand’s insignia. Renowned for Keen, Budget-Beating Prices

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pine furniture

Pine Furniture From Ericssons

Pine’s Relevance in the Furniture Industry and at Ericssons Today’s Ericssons Mattress & Pine was – for many years – known as Ericssons Pine, something that may not be known by the younger generation. During our existence of more than 50 years, and particularly during our exclusively “pine” days, Ericssons has been synonymous with our

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mattress for sale

Sale-Priced Mattress For Sale

Sleep Tight on Special Sale-Priced Big Brand Mattresses “Mattress for sale” advertisements and marketing initiatives may be found almost anywhere nowadays, since numerous types of media are used by most South Africans. Virtually anyone who wants to give away, dispose of or sell anything is able to access a type of media that may help

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Cloud Nine Blue 50th base set

Wide Selection of Base Sets

Buying a Wow-Worthy Wide Selection of Base Sets Human beings have been sleeping on beds for many centuries. One must rely on archaeological finds, surviving ancient relics and writings to begin to construct some sort of timeline for the history of bed sets. As is the case in attempting to establish such origins, modern humankind

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rest assured mattresses

Rest Assured Mattresses Range

Be Assured of a Comfy Night’s Rest with Our Superior Mattresses What do most people need to enjoy a good night’s restful sleep on a regular basis? Keep in mind that a one-off good night’s sleep, although blissfully appreciated, can never be enough because sleep is one thing that, once missed, cannot be caught up.

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Ericssons Summer Madness Mattress Sale

Save This Summer With Ericsons Mattress for Sale It’s been more than 50 years since Ericssons Mattress & Pine first opened its doors on the East Rand and in Pretoria, initially trading as Ericssons Pine. We soon established our reputation as professional, helpful suppliers of quality pine furniture, which we offered for sale to our

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Surprise Yourself With Sealy Beds

Why Sealy Beds ? What’s on your shopping list this festive season? It is that time of year when many companies pay bonuses to their employees, who have something extra to spend after another year’s hard work. It’s all too easy to splurge out on this and that and end up with little to show

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