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Baby Cot

Baby Cot Comfort

Baby Cot Comfort: Creating a Cosy Haven for Your Baby’s Sweet Dreams

Few events in life are as eagerly anticipated and keenly awaited as the arrival of a new baby. However, there’s a lot for the mom and dad to do in preparation for the day that this precious little new family member comes home. Virtually all new parents start by getting the nursery ready to welcome the new arrival, complete with a baby cot – the primary element that most distinctively defines your little one’s room.

A Preferred Baby Cot Colour

Customary blue or pink colour themes for baby boys or girls remain popular, but many choose to deviate from this tradition. Nonetheless, many parents prefer plain, pure white baby cots or white with a few touches of a contrasting colour, but overall, white remains a popular cot finish. White is timeless; a colour that signifies purity.

Pure Comfort and Contentment

On a white surface, sticky marks or similar residue show up clearly, as do imperfections and any roughness on the surface of the baby’s cot, which should be smooth and clean. If not, simply give the cot a wipe-down with a soft, damp cloth to restore it to a visibly pristine, hygienic condition.

It’s essential to keep the crib and nursery environment as neat, clean and uncluttered as possible, thereby ensuring the health, safety, well-being, comfort and contentment of a precious little one who is entirely dependent on you.

Keeping Baby comfy and contented may also help them settle into their new environment. A settled, happy baby is less likely to demand frequent nighttime pyjama drill sessions from parents.

Newborn Infants and Colour

Contented newborn babies aren’t aware of their nursey’s colour, because a newborn cannot yet detect colour. Human colour vision develops during the first four months of life. Parents’ preference for white is an adult choice, likely to endure.

Affordable Nursery Furniture Supplier

As you may expect from a family favourite furniture store, Ericssons Mattress & Pine includes a carefully selected, affordable collection of baby cots, crib mattress choices, baby sleep accessories and additional must-have furnishings that transform the nursery into a cosy haven for baby’s sweet dreams.

Find important nursery furniture pieces on our Baby Corner web pages. This section helps you select the pieces you require for a tastefully furnished, restful, cosy, comfortable and optimally functional nursery for both mother and baby.   

  • Baby Cots

We offer five different baby cot styles – in timeless plain white and a white/colour combination for a two-tone impact. The base of each cot is designed to be adjustable to two heights – for a newborn, higher and easier to reach the baby, and lower, ensuring that a slightly older baby cannot fall out accidentally.

  • Crib Mattress Choices

No cot or crib is complete or comfortable without its mattress. A crib mattress should be deep and firm enough to be comfortable, but not too soft. An overly soft mattress may obstruct a baby’s airways.

Ericssons Mattress & Pine offers two safe crib mattress choices – thick, padded foam and a safety breather option, which consists of low-density foam, covered with a safety breather fabric.

Bedding should be lightweight, soft and comforting since infants’ skins are delicate and sensitive. Keep bedding appropriate for the nursery’s ambient temperature and weather conditions.

  • Compactums

Baby compactums are ideal for nappy changes, dressing, and drying the infant after bath time, without straining your back, neck, and shoulder muscles. Three options are available to match or complement our baby cot collection.

  • Extra Storage

Ensure that nursery storage is adequate with Ericssons’ babies’ chests of drawers. Pack away extra clothing, nappies, infant toiletries, baby bedding or sleep accessories, towels or toys, keeping the nursery in tip-top shape. 

Once you have these baby basics in place, it’s time to decorate the nursery by adding infant-appropriate, stimulating décor elements, always with soothing safety in mind.

For exciting, attractive and affordable baby cot and nursery furniture, contact Ericssons Mattress & Pine, where helping you perfect your new arrival’s nursery is our pleasure.

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