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Okavango Bed & pedestals

Luxury Beds For Sale

Luxury Beds for Sale to Enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep

Do you wake up every day feeling drained? Are you looking at beds for sale because yours is not giving you the rest you deserve? We have the solution for you.

There are many reasons why people may struggle to dose off at night. However, investing in a quality mattress or base set can put you one step closer to that comfortable deep sleep you’re longing for.

What To Look for In Beds for Sale

Before speeding to your nearest furniture store to buy a new base set, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. This can vary from person to person, as no one bed can satisfy everybody’s needs, no matter how luxurious it may be.

This is because of different ages, body types, weights and preferences causing certain individuals to look for softer mattresses and others for firmer sets. You may also have medical issues that keep you awake, in which case a visit to your GP may be in order prior to purchasing a new mattress.

Okavango Bed & pedestals

The National Institute on Aging shares additional methods to help cure your insomnia through implementing minor changes in your daily routine. It also features some medical causes that could be what’s keeping you awake. However, the most reliable source to consult is your doctor to ensure you get the maximum amount of shuteye that you require.

Questions to Answer Before Selecting a Base Set

  1. Do you lay still in one place or roll around often while asleep?
  2. Are you sharing a bed with a spouse, child or pet?
  3. What are your and your partner’s weight ranges – separately and added together?
  4. Are your or your partner’s height measurements above 188 cm?
  5. When you wake up in the morning, do you have body aches and, if yes, where?
  6. Is your sleep interrupted by feeling too hot or do you struggle to sleep because you’re cold?
  7. Are there any fabrics or materials typically used in mattresses that you are allergic to or don’t prefer?

Although it’s not guaranteed that one brand’s mattresses will suit everyone’s needs, the Rest Assured range features many options suited to various types of sleepers.

Why Size Matters When Shopping for Mattresses

Shoppers may get confused with the XL or standard options of beds. This usually refers to the length being either the normal 188 cm or the extra length of 200 cm. Thus, if you’re of shorter stature, a standard unit will suffice.

If it’s more width you require due to body shape or how you position your limbs while asleep, then you should look into expanding from a single, which is between 91 and 92 cm wide to a three-quarter of 107 cm in width. Or from a double at 137 cm to a queen of 152 cm or a king at 183 cm.

When it comes to the maximum load the furniture can carry, it changes depending on the base, mattress, and brand thereof. Thus, there’s no typical weight limit as all units are unique. It’s the same with the thickness and height of each unit. However, if you’re two or more persons sharing, then it’s vital to look at the maximum load per side and pick a set that can hold the heavier of the two’s weight on either end.

Find The Best Beds for Sale – Shop Online at Ericssons Mattress & Pine

If you don’t have one of our top-quality furniture outlets near you, it’s still possible to shop on our online store. Shoppers can get free delivery if they’re within 50 km of the nearest outlet and spend more than R 1500.00.

Moreover, it’s easy to find the right base set online. This is possible because you can browse all our products, their prices, and specifications without leaving the comfort of your home.

Still, if you would like some professional advice, you can simply type out a message containing your questions, preferences and budget, and one of our friendly representatives will guide you in making the best decision for your ideal sleep.

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