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rest assured mattresses

Rest Assured Mattresses Range

Rest Assured Mattresses for Superior Sleep

As sophisticated people who are accustomed to sleeping comfortably, many of us have specific requirements to get the required amount and correct quality of rest that truly refreshes mind, body and spirit – the type of sleep one can enjoy on comfy Rest Assured Mattresses.

Human Bodies Demand Regular Sleep

All humans need to sleep; the body demands it. Bodies are not designed to keep going without regular and sufficient rest and relaxation. Moreover, when people lie down to go to sleep, they want to sleep well considering that this is one of the intrinsic ways in which the body and mind re-energises and regenerates. Sleep, thus, aids in maintaining one’s physical and mental health.

Sleeping Well with Rest Assured Mattresses

Much of the quality of humans’ sleep also depends on the sleepers’ state of mind. When you retire at night with a busy mind or are faced with a problem, it’s difficult to fall asleep, particularly if your mattress is worn or lacks good quality. Apply simple relaxation techniques to assure sound sleep, such as deep breathing, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation and more.   

Whilst sleeping on Rest Assured mattresses cannot guarantee a sound, trouble-free sleep, it goes a long way to ensuring that your body is comfortable and well-supported. especially if you’ve chosen your sleep system with care by viewing and testing a few options at your nearest Ericssons Mattress & Pine outlet.

Our friendly, approachable Ericssons sales consultants are trained and experienced to assist you with advice and recommendations to select one of the Rest Assured mattresses that best suits your needs.

rest assured mattresses

Ericssons and Rest Assured Mattresses

Just as Ericssons has a long, proud history, so too does the Rest Assured brand. Ericssons was established more than 50 years ago, whilst Rest Assured was founded in Cape Town in 1979. Both companies have a great deal in common, including quality products, great customer service and a worthy reputation. In tandem, we offer you our companies’ combined, collective expertise.

Three Fundamental Features that distinguish these mattresses:

  • Top-notch quality – Solidly constructed coils are double-tempered for additional durability and strength that caters for various, if not all usual body weights.
  • The combination of memory foam layers and soft-touch covers adds a luxuriously plush and comfortable sensation to sleep in style.
  • The sleep solutions not only offer unmatched support for your body, but Rest Assured provides world-class customer support and after-sales service to all who acquire their products

Three Ranges of Mattresses

Additionally, this manufacturer also offers three ranges of mattresses, each range featuring its own spring/coil units:

  • Evolution Pocket Spring – Soft-touch pocket spring units, plus independently wrapped coils provide wonderful support.
  • Heritage Bonnell Coil – Double-tempered, hourglass-shaped Bonnell coil units ensure that sleep systems are ultra-tough, yet comfortable
  • Matrix – A continuous, everlasting coil design which provides 150% more working coils.

As a reputable, trusted manufacturer, Rest Assured mattresses are supplied by Ericssons because we share significant core values and synergy:

  • Superb quality of products
  • Personal service to customers
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Honouring our promises
  • Being true to our brand and its identity
  • Comfort that suits or exceeds customers’ requirements
  • True value for money
  • Trust

Physiotherapists are specialists who know full well the toll that an incorrect sleep system may take on the body, as well as just how important correct, individual body support is to assure quality sleep and thorough relaxation. Consequently, it’s not surprising to learn that virtually all Rest Assured mattresses, supplied by Ericssons, are endorsed by the South African Society of Physiotherapy. If a product is good enough to carry their endorsement, it’s an obvious choice for our customers.

Shop now for your ideal sleep solution or visit us for more information.

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