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sealy beds

Sealy Beds For Comfy Sleep

Sealy Beds – a Leading SA Brand

The name “Sealy” is synonymous with beds, mattresses, base sets and high-quality sleep solutions in South Africa. There’s no doubt that the same perception and proud reputation applies elsewhere throughout Africa and abroad. As an established manufacturer, Sealy products originated in the USA, starting with the production of a cotton-filled mattress long ago, in 1881.

An Enduring Bed Brand

Sealy is exceptionally long-standing in the world of furnishings and related products. Sealy beds and mattress collections are preferred and trusted by many, as is clearly illustrated by the enduring popularity of the company’s product range. It has grown and spread across the world consistently since those early days and humble beginnings up to and including now, with no signs of abating.

Asked for by Name

At Ericssons Mattress & Pine, we regularly encounter customers who visit our outlets to acquire a new bed, but not just any bed. They ask for Sealy beds by name, since they are loyal and committed to shopping for and sleeping on Sealy beds. This is especially true for the famous Sealy Posturepedic range.

sealy beds

The Universal Need for Comfy Sleep

Sleeping comfortably and safely is nothing new and beds have been around for an odd 77,000 years. The first “bed” was a large surface of layered plants spacious enough to keep the whole family cosy. Ancient Egypt was responsible for the raised bed – a wooden surface with a mattress made from wool cushions. But it is in medieval Europe where the bed was designed to look like today’s modern version. Aristocrats slept in ornate, bejewelled beds carved out of heavy wood. Drapes and canopies added to the luxury, while owners slept in lush comfort under fine linens on mattresses stuffed with down and feathers. Suffice it to say, the need for quality sleep has been prevalent since the dawn of mankind. 

Animal Instincts   

Even animals instinctively prefer a den or lair in which to bed down when it’s time to rest. The place where they choose to sleep should provide some degree of security or safety, plus perhaps a burrow or surface hollow that shields and cossets the creature while supporting it in greater comfort.

Indeed, it’s second nature for both animals and humans to seek a similarly supportive and comfortable place to which to retire when sleep beckons.

Locally Produced

South Africans have taken to the Sealy brand in a really big way since the brand’s first local factory was established in 1967, in Johannesburg, subsequently followed by additional manufacturing plants in Cape Town and KZN. This extension of the production facilities had become necessary to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for these quality sleep systems.

Sealy Beds at Ericssons Mattress & Pine

Beds, base sets and mattresses produced by this industry leader are sold exclusively by selected and approved dealers in South Africa. Customers won’t find this brand’s products at any and every retail outlet, since Sealy is selective about which stores qualify to sell its products.

We, at Ericssons, are proud Sealy beds and mattresses suppliers, which are authorised to represent this brand and its range of outstanding products – a reflection of the high regard in which we’re held in our industry and amongst our suppliers of quality sleep systems.

In addition to our already keen pricing structure, Ericssons also regularly offers manager’s specials on all our products, which have made the Ericssons’ name synonymous with an enduring family favourite furniture store, with four outlets in Gauteng.

See us at your nearest Ericssons, where we look forward to guiding you through all your options in our Sealy beds range, helping you find the product that’s a perfect fit for your individual requirements to sleep tight, all night – on a Sealy. 

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