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Attractive Headboard and Pedestals

Attractive Headboard and Pedestals for Comfortable Convenience

At Ericssons Mattress & Pine, we remain focused on the tried-and-tested, classic design lines of our furniture, especially our headboard and pedestals sets. In following this principle, we’ve been able to tweak and update our pieces subtly without departing entirely from our original, versatile styles. Consequently, our furniture collections are never out of date, since they are so adaptable.

Throughout the ages, beds usually featured an integrated headboard and slightly smaller foot-end, principally to keep draughts off the sleeper. Today’s end-pieces are aesthetically appealing, whilst functionally they prevent pillows and bedding from falling off the tops and bottoms of beds.  One or a pair of integrated or loose pedestals was a considerably later addition to the bed chamber’s setup.

Headboard and Pedestals as Status Symbols

It’s interesting to note that, once upon a time, the integrated headboard represented the owner’s affluent, elevated position in society, as well as their superior status – more than a cut above the rest.

Handling and Moving

When it came to moving house and bedroom furniture, handling and transporting a large bed with an integrated headboard and pedestals could present a problem because of its size, relative to the door’s dimensions and the ceiling’s heights. The unit had to be dismantled and then reassembled at the new location.

Additionally, in the past, bedroom suites, featuring bedside tables that were attached to freestanding headboards were popular. In a world that had become so keen on the next novelty, popularity was largely due to the headboard and pedestals that were affixed to each other but not to the bed itself.  

It was also much easier and far less cumbersome to move and relocate the whole suite in its entirety. Some suites of the time omitted the bed but consisted of a freestanding headboard and pedestals attached, depending on the bed’s size, plus a dressing table with an integrated mirror, and a matching stool.


Latest Bedroom Furniture Trends

Latest trends favour a wide range of optional loose or separate headboards and bedside tables, some of which may be affixed straight onto the backing wall. The latter freestanding styles are available in almost limitless varieties, beginning with solid, plain wood, which may be slatted or carved. Where the room’s dimensions allow and furnishings are on a grand scale, seemingly oversized, over-tall head-ends are just the thing.

Metal pieces are manufactured from wrought iron, powder-coated steel or brass. Freestanding wooden headpieces may be upholstered and covered. Covering materials offer more choices, like leather or upholstery fabric that complements additional décor elements. As suppliers of quality, solid pine furniture, our durable, attractive Ericssons headboard and pedestals options are made of sustainable wood.

Must-Have Pedestals

Integrated or freestanding, pedestals are must-haves for most people. Any sort of surface next to one’s bed is preferable as a temporary, stand-in bedside table, rather than not having a convenient space to place items needed at night.

Options Available at Ericssons

Separate bedside tables, in a variety of styles, are available from Ericssons Mattress & Pine. The plainest versions may be likened to occasional tables, whilst others feature one or a set of drawers, open or enclosed shelves, or a drawer plus a door.

Some items are pre-stained or available in a few select finishes, while most pieces are supplied in raw, natural pine, our most sought-after, cost-effective option, allowing customers to apply the finishes, colours and techniques to personalise and perfect their bedrooms.  

Should you opt to finish your newly acquired furniture yourself, then we offer a Gripseal coating and a range of chalk paints from which to choose.

Why not accompany your annual spring clean with the stylish and affordable addition of a new headboard and pedestals from Ericssons? Visit one of our stores or shop online today.

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