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Willow Cot

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Comfort and Safety for Your Little One: Explore Our Baby Cots!

Regardless of whether you and your partner are first-time parents or this eagerly anticipated event is the birth of a brother or sister to your other child or children, a baby cot is the first and most essential piece of furniture that should feature in the new baby’s bedroom. A cot is designed to keep the baby safe from harm, such as rolling or falling out of its bed whilst asleep or awake and actively moving around.

The Depth and Mattress Factors

An optimally configured baby cot design also ensures that parents can reach their new little one with ease and without having to plunge their upper bodies deep into the cot’s lower-than-average base and mattress. Mattresses that have been manufactured and are suitable for baby cots are not particularly thick, so don’t add significantly to the level of the cot’s base and its depth.

Ideal cot mattresses help to ensure that tiny newborns can breathe well and freely, whilst receiving adequate support from a cot-sized mattress, like our Ericssons Mattress & Pine Safety Breather cot mattress. This Ericssons low foam density product is covered with a safety breather material, whilst its typical size suits most standard-sized baby cot models.

Ericssons Mattress & Pine’s Baby Cot Options

We at Ericssons Mattress & Pine are proud to offer a baby cot selection with a choice of understated yet trendy features and finishes, which tweak and offer a new perspective on traditional cot styles.

Five cot options are on offer:

  • Sleigh cot – a stunning dark grey and strikingly contrasting white perfectly displays this model’s design lines. Its base is adjustable to two different heights that are bound to satisfy parents of different heights. The sides and the frame are made from superwood and the adjustable base is made from a solid chip board.
  • Ulale large baby cot – available in pristine white only and measuring 900mm height x 1360mm length x 720mm depth, with a base that’s adjustable to two heights for your convenience. This melamine framed product comes complete with a handy storage drawer beneath the cot.
  • Willow – a simple, classic style, offered in white only, with two adjustable base heights, this cot is made from melamine and has an average size of 900mm high, 1240mm in length and 620mm deep.
  • Lunar cot in Sahara’s two-tone finish – reflects the latest furniture trend of a two-tone combination. As before, the cot’s base adjusts to two heights, and its sides and frame are made of easy-to-clean smooth melamine. The item comes unassembled and is flat packed in a box for self-assembly at home.
  • Lunar baby cot – in a clean, pure white finish this cot includes an adjustable base and fits a standard mattress of 1170mm x 560mm x 75mm.

Add a Baby Compactum

A compactum is the second most important piece of furniture that’s designed to complete a baby’s bedroom, as well as make a parent’s task when changing nappies or dressing babies much easier and safer. The height of a typical compactum doesn’t necessitate a great deal of back-bending and the need to lean forward throughout the process.

Ericssons offers four styles that may match or complement the finish of your baby’s cot, purchased from your nearest Ericssons outlet:

  • A white and grey Lunar compactum that fits in with the sleigh cot to perfect your nursery’s look.
  • Lunar compactum in pure white or Sahara finish includes 2 deep drawers on runners for easy access to nappies and clothing.
  • A small, more compact Lunar variant, designed for smaller bedrooms. This compactum also displays a Sahara combination and alternatively, is offered in a white-only finish.

Should additional storage space be required, chests of smoothly sliding drawers in the same finishes are available from Ericssons Mattress & Pine for this purpose.

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Contact Ericssons online; phone your preferred outlet, or pop in at the most convenient showroom, but be sure to get your quality baby cot and more at our affordable Ericssons prices.

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