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Shop a Mattress for Sale Now

Sleep in Comfort and Style: Shop a Mattress for Sale Now

Where do you go when you want a new mattress for sale – not just any type, but a brand-new, quality mattress that’s branded by a well-known manufacturer and offered by a reputable supplier? Most importantly, the mattress you want shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg but must still be exceptionally comfortable and stylish.

Characteristics to Look for in a Mattress for Sale

One doesn’t purchase a mattress every other day or merely on a whim, even if it is offered at a special sale or discounted price, which is why quality, durability, comfort, and style are most important. These characteristics will determine whether you’ve made the right choice when it comes to a mattress for sale.

Sought-After Mattress Brands

At Ericssons Mattress & Pine, we’re proud stockists and suppliers of a variety of South Africa’s most sought-after mattress brands:

  • Sealy Posturepedic
  • Cloud Nine
  • Strand Foam
  • Strand Mattress
  • Contour Bedding
  • Rest Assured

Find the Right Fit for You at One of Our Stores

With these premium ranges on offer for sale at Ericssons, you’re assured of being able to choose the mattress that’s right for you. At Ericssons, finding the sleep system that’s just perfect for you is exciting and convenient. Our knowledgeable, friendly sales consultants are on hand to guide and assist you.

Simply pop into the Ericssons Mattress & Pine showroom that’s most convenient for or nearest to your location to view, test and try the mattresses on display. At our stores, our spacious parking facilities are safe and free so you can focus on looking for and choosing the mattress, its size, style, type, and degree of support that’s the right fit, look and feel for you.

When Type, Size and Style Matter

Customers should note that although we supply South Africa’s most popular types of mattresses, Ericssons does not stock or sell hybrid sleep systems (a combination of mattress types, condensed into one single product).

Details about each mattress’s inner composition will vary, depending on the sophistication of the product’s build and its intended target market. Price may also be indicative of this factor within the same brand. Popular types include:

  • Foam – consisting of a variety of foam and foam-derivative or foam-like layers, including memory foam and cooling blue gel memory foam
  • Pocket Spring or Inner Spring – springs are encased in individual pockets of material, fabric or foam, whilst different types of spring systems may be used.

Different mattresses for sale at Ericssons are designed to accommodate various body types and weights. Each premium product has its own maximum weight recommendation to ensure that the mattress performs accordingly.

Sizes generally focus on mattress widths, while being standard in length at about 188cm, unless specified as extra-length, which is 200cm. Typical widths are:

  • Single – 91cm
  • Three-quarter – 107cm
  • Double – 137cm
  • Queen – 152cm
  • King – 183cm
  • Super King – 200cm

Mattress depths vary, depending on the type. If the mattress is deeper (thicker) than standard, one should purchase extra-depth fitted sheets.

Support and Sleeping Style

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when buying a mattress for sale, regardless of whether the product is offered as a cost-saving deal or on a special promotion. You’re not buying the price; you’re buying the product, which should conform to your body’s needs when it comes to comfort, style and support.

The type and level of support it provides are vital in determining whether it’s the right mattress for you – bringing us right back to the importance of testing and trying a sleep solution that is likely to provide you with many, many comfortable nights’ restful sleep.

Specials on Sale at Ericssons

Our mattress specials change regularly, so keep an eye on our promotional information. You will find exceptional deals at Ericssons, at prices that are even lower than our normal competitive offerings. Say “goodbye” to nightly tossing and turning, and “hello” to good quality rest by shopping at Ericssons today. We’d love to help you find your perfect sleep solution.

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