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RA Tanzinite Base Set

Mattresses and Beds for Sale

Super Selection of Mattresses and Beds for Sale at Ericssons

Are you studying ads for shops that offer beds for sale? No matter which retailer you select, you probably have a few conditions that must be met by your ideal bed. And, when it comes to beds and mattresses, not everyone’s preferences are similar.                                                                        

Beds for Sale – Buy Selectively

Indeed, not all beds will do. It’s not only necessary, but it’s also wise to buy your bed selectively. Since not all beds are equal, discerning bed shoppers, regardless of their budgets, prefer a pristine, unused product, especially a mattress that’s never been slept on before.

Additionally, sought-after bedding products are supplied complete with manufacturers’ warranties and guarantees. Affordability is also a factor that may influence your buying decision, regardless of whether you’re considering a top-of-the-range or less costly option.

However, a more affordable or less expensive bed doesn’t imply that it is of the “cheap and nasty” variety, not if you’re considering the beds for sale at Ericssons Mattress & Pine. With a total of four outlets located in the Pretoria and Johannesburg areas and a large selection of online products, you can shop with ease and convenience for various furniture items, including top-quality beds.

Our outlets also showcase our range of products, particularly the beds for sale for customers to make an informed decision about the product they are selecting.

Shopping for Beds for Sale in Person

It’s one thing to see the image of a bed or other piece of furniture, but it’s quite another to view it in person, as many of our customers prefer to do at the most conveniently located Ericssons outlet. This is particularly important when buying a mattress for your bed because it’s a highly personal choice.

And there’s really only one way to ensure that you choose the product that supports you in comfort – trying out and testing as many mattresses as necessary until you find “the one”. We urge our customers to take their time when investigating and testing the branded range of mattresses that we offer for sale.

RA Tanzinite Base Set

Personalise Your Bedroom Furniture Purchase

If you are a DIY enthusiast, then you can enjoy personalising your newly-acquired (or existing) bed and bedroom furniture, transforming these pieces into unique matching or coordinated items. To this end, we stock a comprehensive range of easy-to-apply chalk paints, available in a range of 16 different finishing options with which to release your creative genius, including Antique White, Black, Grey, Imbuia, Teak and many more.    

These quick-drying, quality paints are water-based, so cleaning hands and brushes, rollers or application sponges is a chemical-free breeze. The durable oil- and waterproof finish is not a varnish, and therefore doesn’t peel, crack or flake off. Your bed, pedestals and additional bedroom furniture are perfected.

You’ve Made Your Bed

“You’ve made your bed, so you must lie in it” became a popular saying that is still used today. It indicates that someone who has made a choice must also bear the consequences that inevitably follow.

To make up and dress the dream bed that you chose at Ericssons, we offer an attractive range of bed linens and accessories, including items such as mattress protectors, pillows and the like. Rest assured; you’ll look forward to reclining in the cosy bed that you selected at Ericssons.

Choose from a Range of Options

Now that you’ve acquired the bed, mattress and furniture that perfects your bedroom, you need only get comfortable and be whisked away in a restful night’s sleep – tonight, tomorrow night and for many nights to come. Whether you want a bed only, a bed plus a mattress, or a complete base set, call on your nearest Ericssons Mattress & Pine, where you may pick and choose to your heart’s delight.   

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