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Milano Double Bunk - Raw

Essential Bedroom Furniture

What Best Defines Your Bedroom Furniture?

If asked to describe your bedroom furniture, what are the first words that you’re likely to mention? The bed tends to define the bedroom, so most people would probably mention their bed first, before adding any other item to the lengthy list of furniture pieces or the general state of the room.

The Bed and Mattress Make Essential Bedroom Furniture

Invariably, the bed tends to dominate a bedroom furniture list, but other factors may determine how a person feels about their bedroom, such as the quality of rest they get at night in this space.

Milano Double Bunk - Raw

Signs of a Failing Bed

Commonplace concerns are usually about bed and mattress “failures”. Signs that it’s time to begin shopping for a new bed, mattress or a complete base set, include:

•           A bed that’s too hard or soft or fails to provide the required level of personal comfort and adequate support

•           An old bed that’s well past its prime or sell-by date, causing it to creak or squeal at the slightest movement

•           Your sleep is disturbed every time your partner moves.

•           No matter how many times you roll over to change your sleeping position, you end up in the same spot.

•           A sagging mattress that needs replacement

•           Physical difficulty experienced when getting out of bed

•           Morning aches and pains, especially backache

•           Daytime tiredness, fatigue and irritability

•           Difficulty focusing and concentrating

Sleep System Solutions

A new mattress or base set from the Ericssons Mattress & Pine collection of quality sleep systems is likely to provide the solution to your basic bedroom furniture issue – the bed. Our branded mattress range consists of well-known, highly regarded brands, with one significant difference – our special, affordable prices for top-notch products.

More Ericssons Furniture Options

Once you’re sleeping well and feeling rested, then consider the various bedroom furniture items to further enhance your private sanctuary and elsewhere in the home. For your convenience, Ericssons offers a wide range of furniture pieces for all your bedrooms and more.

Master Bedroom

Because the master bedroom is generally the largest of all, it typically accommodates two people, so pieces like pedestals and bedside lamps are bought in pairs. Extra storage space is handy, so add a chest of drawers and perhaps a wardrobe, instead of over-filling built-in units. A dressing table, stool and framed mirror complete the picture.

Spare Room

Guests appreciate the opportunity to retire to a room of their own whilst they’re staying over. Many of the master suite’s types of furniture pieces will ensure that your guests feel at home.

Youngsters’ Spaces

Kids need to have a space to call their own if at all possible and even if they’re sharing. Teens like to have a say about their choice of a new bed and additional bedroom furniture, as well as bedding and décor elements.

Tweens and children of primary school age enjoy imprinting their identity on their bedrooms, so their spaces usually reflect popular themes. This group loves double bunks, and because they receive homework, a desk is a must-have.

Tots are the least fussy bedroom occupants, providing that the room is cheerful and has space for their toys. Include an Ericssons’ chest or toy box that’s perfect for easily accessible toy storage.

Babies’ rooms require a few specialised furniture pieces, such as a cot and compactum, obtainable from Ericssons’ baby corner. Once babes become tots, they’re delighted to have their first “grownup” single bed that’s fitted with side rails, preventing little ones from falling out of bed.

Your Family Favourite Bedroom Furniture Outlet

When you need bedroom furniture – and more – pop into your nearest Ericssons, or contact us telephonically or online with any request or queries you may have. That’s all it takes to make Ericssons your family-favourite furniture outlet, where you save on quality products and service every time.

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