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6 Fascinating Facts About Sleep and Mattresses

Hopping from shop to shop, looking for that perfect mattress for sale? Can’t seem to find the right one? There are plenty of factors to consider when it comes to investing in the perfect bed upon which to lay your head. Aspects like price, size, brand, and even aesthetics are a lot to keep in mind. Your buy, after all, might affect everything from how well you sleep to whether or not you awake with an achy back in the morning. If you are looking to take a refreshing break from shopping for that ideal mattress for sale, then have a quick gander at these six fun facts about catching some Zs.

  1. South Africa Might Have Birthed Modern Mattresses

The first paleontological discovery to ever resemble a mattress was made from leaves and grass, which some think dates back about 77 000 years ago. This ancient invention was first found in a rock shelter right here in South Africa. Ancient Egyptians and Romans were perhaps the first civilisations to raise their beds off the ground, and affluent citizens had bedding made from luxurious materials such as wool and feathers.

  1. The Record for the Longest Period Without Sleep is 11 Days

In 1963, when Randy Gardner was 17, he broke the world record at the time for the longest period anyone has gone without sleep. He stayed awake for 11 days and 25 minutes, which temporarily impaired his cognitive and sensory abilities.

  1. It’s Illegal to Buy a Mattress on a Sunday in Washington

Blue laws are laws that prohibit certain activities on a Sunday. One such law in Washington, USA, is the ban on buying a mattress for sale on a Sunday. Thankfully, South Africans can freely purchase the bed for sale they have been eyeing – no matter the day of the week.

  1. Blind People Dream as Often as Sighted People

While dreaming may seem like a visual function, it actually only involves the brain. Blind people are only able to generate sight in their dreams if they lost their vision after the age of about five or six. Individuals born blind often have dreams similar to their conscious experience, which includes movement, touch, taste, sound, and smell. Deaf people, on the other hand, sometimes rely on sign language or telepathy when communicating in their dreams.

  1. The World’s Biggest Bed was Made in the Netherlands

Created by Commissie Zomerfeesten St Gregorius Hertme in the Dutch village, Hertme, the world’s largest bed is 26,5 m long and 16,4 m wide. Next time you’re on the lookout for a new mattress for sale, pay attention to the sizing of a standard bed to get an idea of how large this record-breaker really is.

  1. You Spend About a Third of Your Life Asleep

If you manage around eight hours of sleep per day, you will spend approximately one-third of your entire life asleep. This is a lot of time spent in one position on a mattress, so it’s always wisest to purchase a product for sale made from excellent quality.

If you’re still on the lookout for fantastic mattress brands for sale that won’t let you down, then we invite you to pop in for a visit and experience our world-class customer service with a smile.

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