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Bedroom Furniture

Stylish Décor and Furniture Ideas for Small Bedroom Layouts

If you are stuck with a small guest room or even the main bedroom, then you are aware of how easily the space can feel cluttered. Creating the illusion of a larger room is especially hard when one does not have much with which to work. The right bedroom furniture, however, will make use of your available space appropriately without drowning the room out. If you would like some ideas on maximising style in a small, compact bedroom, then read through as we discuss some trending furniture and décor inspirations.

Get Your Colours Right

Individuals with small bedrooms are often told to steer clear of dark colours like black, charcoal, and grey. Balancing these shades, however, creates a lot of depth in a room. Look at smaller dark accents and then work with lighter main pieces such as a white desk or a light, wooden headboard. Walls can also be painted in a soft beige or off-white to create a more spacious feel.

Soften the Aesthetic

Natural elements in décor, such as wooden bed frames, woollen blankets, and earthy, textured headboards soften the room’s overall feel, which creates an inviting feeling that draws one into the space. Nature also has the ability to make one feel as though there is a lot more to discover. Natural prints, faux fur, pot plants, and a splash of greenery will all make your bedroom appear bigger. Try to avoid hard lines and shapes in contrasting colours that section off an already cramped area.

Streamline Everything

Instead of bulky bedroom furniture, opt instead for sleek or delicate pieces that open up your walls and floors. Avoid oversized curtains and bedding made from heavy material; it is best to keep each item in the room streamlined, light, and elegant.

Befriend Some Multi-Functional Furniture

A child’s bedroom, for example, requires much storage space. Look into a bunk bed/study table combination, or a small stool that doubles as a side table for the bed. Utility tables are also perfect for storing toy boxes, stationery, and shoes.

Use Every Surface

When a room is small, one needs to get creative about the kind of space used. Even without much floor space, utilise the height of the room by installing floating shelves and swopping curtains out for blinds. Look for tall, slim wardrobes and use windowsills to store smaller items. A headboard and side tables with a bit of length will also add some height to your walls.

Avoid Over-Decorating

When people don’t have much storage space, they tend to leave many of their items out on display. By decluttering your compact space, you not only feel lighter, but your room will seem more expansive too. Try to get rid of items for which you have no need and rather rely on a few, impactful bedroom furniture pieces to act as the main focal points.

If you are struggling to find stylish bedroom furniture, then we can certainly assist you. Our range is perfect for just about any style preference – from rustic to contemporary. Speak to us about your ideas for a layout, and we will help you find fantastic pieces to complement your home.

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