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Okavango Bed & pedestals

Quality Bedroom Furniture

Quality Bedroom Furniture Costs Less at Ericssons Mattress & Pine

Where do you go when you crave privacy, peace and quiet within the home? Most would opt for their bedrooms, especially if it’s comfortably and tastefully furnished. Bedroom furniture may be extremely costly or admirably affordable, like the budget-beating, timeless pine collections at Ericssons Mattress & Pine.

Ericssons Bedroom Furniture Must-Haves

Exactly what items you prefer to place in your bedroom is up to you, as are your style preferences and the arrangement of your furniture pieces. However, there are various must-have items without which no worthy bedroom should be, not if it is to fulfil the purpose and comfort typical of this private sanctuary.

The Bed

A bedroom is defined by its most fundamental piece – the bed. Much like an office is transformed from an empty space into a workplace by the addition of an office desk. You may prefer a bed with a separately acquired mattress, or a base set. Ericssons’ solid pine beds are offered in a variety of the most popular standard sizes, lengths and configurations:

  • Single
  • Three-quarter
  • Double bunks
  • Tri-bunks, which feature a single top level with a three-quarter sleeping surface below and capable of comfortably accommodating two sharing children
  • Study combo – incorporates a desk, bookshelf, storage space and ladder to reach the unit’s top surface with guardrail, which serves as an integrated bed. This is a great, innovative space saver for smaller bedrooms.
  • Double
  • Queen

Base Sets and Headboards

It’s advisable to choose a base set for a larger King or Super King bed, because of the extra weight and size that requires an additional, more sophisticated support system. 49 different big-brand base sets are on offer at all four of our Ericssons outlets.

Okavango Bed & pedestals

If you prefer the look of a traditional bed, but find that a base set is more supportive and comfortable, why not enjoy the best of both worlds? Install an attractive pine headboard against your bedroom wall, behind the top end of your big-brand base set and you have a stylish and comfortable sleeping solution.

Bed and Bedroom Furniture Accompaniments

Once more, we are proud to offer a selection of pine bedroom furniture pieces that make this room as relaxing and comfortable as it can be.

  • Pedestals or bedside tables
  • Dressing table selection
  • Dressing table stool or chair
  • Pine-framed mirrors
  • Chests of drawers of varying styles, sizes and heights. The piece’s height depends largely on the unit’s number of drawers
  • Wardrobes
  • Bookcases and shelves
  • A lounge chair and compact coffee table
  • Curtains or blinds
  • Pillows, scatter cushions and beautiful bedding

Almost Limitless Furniture Finishes

Solid pine bedroom furniture in its natural state, with the addition of a clear sealant to help prevent the formation of water stains, welcomes an earthy, textured element into your home. But if you prefer your furniture to boast a more finished look, then you can get creative by customising and transforming pieces with chalk paint.

If you are not the DIY type, but still appreciate a refined finish, then we offer stunning pieces in various colours and hues to choose from in addition to raw pine, including Oregon, Black, Sandstone, White, and more.:

Upon looking through these options, as well as our comprehensive collections of 189 different pine furniture pieces, of which 123 items are bedroom items, it’s abundantly clear that you need not shop around when purchasing your furniture from Ericssons Mattress & Pine.

As an established leader when it comes to pine furnishings, our offering has drastically expanded, ensuring that we offer our customers a one-stop solution to their furniture needs. Our commitment to our customers, and the supply of quality, affordable bedroom furniture and more, has remained constant because it’s an essential part of our ethos, which we share with you. We hope to serve you too. Contact us to furnish your breathtaking new bedroom.

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