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Trendy Bedroom Furniture

Fun Facts about Beds for Sale

Beds for Sale and a Few Fun Facts about Them.

Whenever one is scanning “Beds for Sale” offerings, one is invariably aware that a host of options are on offer. This is hardly surprising, because everything that influences one’s sleep and rest is important, and a “one size fits all” approach to the science of sleep is a thing of the past, when no one knew any better.

Trendy Bedroom Furniture

This piece of furniture is so important that it has rooms or spaces dedicated to and named after it – bedrooms – no wonder you’re searching for beds for sale.

More than a Place to Sleep

Nonetheless, in essence, a bed is basically a sturdy raised platform that supports a mattress on which the sleeper reclines to relax and lie down in a supine position, for the purpose of sleeping safely and comfortably. Nowadays, people like to lounge in or on their beds too; it’s a favourite place to enjoy reading a good book or watching TV, and also represents the innermost sanctum of one’s personal sanctuary – home.

Connotations and Associations of Beds for Sale

Beds have other connotations and associations, some unpleasant, others amusing or entertaining:

  • Doctors put patients on bed rest to aid their recovery from illness or injury.
  • Once upon a time, some somewhat dubious parents would send their children to bed without supper, as punishment for a wrongdoing.
  • A certain unsavoury city or area would be known as a “hotbed” of iniquity.
  • Bon Jovi recorded a lovely ballad, which became an almost instant hit – “Bed of Roses.”
  • Bedbugs, not always exclusively confined to the piece of furniture upon which one sleeps.
  • Bedrock which relates to the principles on which a thing is based.
  • Flower or vegetable beds
  • Bedside manner with regards to doctors.
  • Bedding – comprising bedlinens, a variety of pillows and scatter cushions, throws, eiderdowns – now commonly known as “quilts”, duvets, blankets, mattresses, and mattress protectors.
  • The idiomatic expression which indicates that someone is complaining about taking a course of action that’s turned out to be unsuitable: “You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.”

Bedding Down in History

Although no one really knows when and where beds first came into use, one may assume that prehistoric humans first bedded down in relative comfort on a heap of foliage, gathered from their natural surroundings, wherever they decided to take shelter to sleep. They did not have the luxury of shopping for comfy beds for sale.

Much later, a unique camp bed, with three fold-out sections, was found amongst the treasures contained in King Tutankhamun’s burial tomb, discovered by archaeologist, Howard Carter, in 1922. This piece, plus the boy pharaoh’s five other, standard models are on display at the Cairo Museum, proof positive that he intended sleeping in style, as a deity in the afterlife.

Sleep Tight

Later still, the expression “Night, ‘night, sleep tight” is said to refer to the time when beds were luxury items, handmade for wealthier classes. These furniture pieces consisted of wooden bedframes that featured holes on all four sides.

Ropes or strips of leather were threaded through the holes and interwoven to provide soft support for a comfortable sleeping surface. However, body weight and regular use stretched these materials, which had to be pulled tight again periodically, hence “sleep tight”, comfort restored.

For Sale at Ericssons

However, if you’ve selected your bed, mattress, and pine furniture from the ranges offered for sale at an Ericssons Mattress & Pine showroom, you’ll be sleeping comfortably tight, relaxed, rested, and delighted with your new, unbeatably priced, quality bedroom furniture.

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