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Beds for Sale Pretoria

Find Beds for Sale Pretoria

How to Find the Best Beds for Sale in Pretoria

You won’t run out of stores to buy beds for sale in Pretoria – the city boasts a mattress shop in practically every mall. What the shopping hubs of Pretoria cannot guarantee, however, is a store that offers a wide variety of quality products, top-notch services, and impeccable prices. For those seeking beds for sale in Pretoria, it may take a little exploration before landing on a mattress and furniture supplier you trust, but that is where we make your journey easy. With Ericssons Mattress & Pine, you can be sure you are receiving the best the industry has to offer.

Shopping Online Versus Visiting a Store

Whether you are browsing for beds for sale online or in-store, both options will have their advantages. Shopping online, for example, offers one the world of convenience. There is no need to leave your couch at all – and a few simple clicks are all it takes to select your desired base set or mattress and have it delivered right to your door. Many stores offer online-only deals and a more extensive range than what some of their branches might offer. Shopping online means you are also set up to quickly research a brand or model of bed online and read some reviews for yourself. Shopping in-store, however, also comes with its benefits. When visiting a store, you are free to ask the sales team their advice on the products you are seeking. You can also test out the feel of various beds before you purchase, giving you a better idea of the product range. Fortunately for our customers, we offer both online and in-store shopping experiences in Pretoria to suit the needs of our valued customers.

Consider What You Desire in a Mattress

Not everyone is seeking a new mattress because their current one is too old. While it is advised to change your mattress every eight years (or sooner, depending upon the state it’s in), there are other considerations to keep in mind too. If your current bed is causing body aches and muscle pains, for example, then investing in a brand endorsed by the Chiropractic Association South Africa is a good idea. Some mattresses also aid in allergy reduction, feature low-odour material, and provide zero-motion transfer features. Whether you are looking for beds for sale in a larger size or just want a broader variety from which to choose, you will thankfully find both here at Ericssons Mattress & Pine.

Our Trusted Family Furniture Store

This year, we celebrate 60 years of personalised service to Pretoria and the East Rand. We were there for your grandparents, and we are here for you, no matter your mattress or furniture requirements. Our pledge has always been to:

  • Know our products intimately.
  • Ensure each customer makes informed choices.
  • Maintain stock of excellent quality, and match this with outstanding customer services.
  • Listen carefully to the needs of our customers and exceed all expectations.

We also have some of the best prices in Pretoria, and regularly run superb deals and specials. If you would like to know more about our fantastic range of beds for sale, be sure to contact us today.

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