Q Are all mattress available in extra length?
A Most mattresses are available in extra length, except the 150mm foam mattress.

Q How do I choose the correct mattress for me and my partner?
A The best way to choose a mattress is to come instore and lie on the different options, we have firm, medium firm and plush mattresses to choose from.

Q Which brand is the best for my back?
A Sealy, Cloud Nine and Rest Assured are endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa, they will be good for most back ache sufferers.

Q Do you only sell untreated furniture?
A Most of our furniture is available in raw pine that you need to paint yourself, or it is available in an Oregon stain-light brown, black or white at additional cost.

Q The type of pillow I sleep on will that influence my sleep?
A Yes it will, both the pillow and the mattress you sleep on can influence your quality of sleep.

Q How do I choose the correct size bed on your site
A Go to options and select the size you require.

Q Is all your advertised stock available?
A We try at all times to keep our advertised lines in stock or already on order.

Q When will delivery take place?
A We deliver Mondays to Fridays and the branch will inform you which day to expect the delivery.

Q Are the mattresses and toy boxes included with the double bunk or pine beds?
A All Mattresses and accessories are excluded and they are individually priced.

Q Do you assemble the bunk beds and pine beds when delivered?
A Yes we do that is part of our delivery service our staff are trained to assemble for you.

Q Are the items on your floor or website all the goods you sell?
A We also have a catalogue of some lines that are not available in store that can be ordered.