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Discover the Allure of Bunker Beds

Elevate Sleepovers with Style: Discover the Allure of Bunker Beds

From an early age, kids love their bunker beds almost as much as they love to get together for sleepovers at friends’ homes. Those who aren’t lucky enough to have a bunk bed in their bedrooms want one of these alluring sleep systems of their own.

Optimise Space by Moving Upwards

From a parent’s point of view, bunker beds are great inventions. Much like the latest high-density, space maximisation construction trend, which tends to build and expand upwards, a bunker bed accommodates a second sleeper on its upper level. This design not only allows for much-needed space saving but adds a sense of adventure to any child’s room.

Standard and Triple Bunker Beds

A standard two-level bunk bed takes up the same amount of floor space as a standard single bed, whilst it can sleep two children simultaneously, each comfy and warm in his or her separate bed. A tri-bunker unit also occupies minimal space but provides a three-quarter bed below for added space and comfort for older children.

At Ericssons Mattress & Pine our selection of bunker beds is innovative and flexible with numerous options on offer. With our wide selection, you are guaranteed to find a bunker bed that is perfect for your space and needs.

Bunker Bed Options

In addition to providing a bed each to two children, our bunker options enable you to accommodate up to three young ones at one time, in a slightly wider space. Our options include:

  • A single-sized upper bunk, set above a 3/lower bed
  • A single-sized upper bunk, set above a double bed, which means that three kiddies – a maximum of four, depending on their ages and body size – may sleep in this setup at one given time, without having to sleep in top-to-toe positions.
  • A pair of three-quarter beds, both in 3/4 size, with one set atop the other
  • A double bunker bed setup, which may be split into two single beds as or when required.

Notes on Bunkers

It’s important for buyers of these space-saving beds to take note of the following:

  • Bunker beds are specifically designed with children in mind and include guardrails and access ladders.
  • Products are made from sturdy, solid furniture-grade pine.
  • Each set-up is supplied in flat-pack form for DIY assembly, whilst upon request and at an additional fee, Ericssons can assemble units before delivery.
  • Most models are supplied in raw pine, which should be treated before use. Ericssons stocks a range of suitable, easy-to-use stains and paints with which to finish and customise beds.
  • Ladders to access top bunks are included, but unless otherwise stated, mattresses should be acquired separately.

Elevate and Treat

With a bunker bed, you’re efficiently and effortlessly elevating your youngsters’ sleepovers in style – a favourite with children and their parents alike. This also applies to accommodating a sibling in a similar manner and style, on a basis that’s more permanent than a sleepover.

At Ericssons Mattress and Pine, we have everything that you need to upgrade and improve your child’s room, from bedside tables and pedestals to dressing tables and headboards. Treat your child to the unquestionable allure and style of cost- and space-saving furniture from our collection.

Purchase Your Preferred Bunker Bed

Pop into any one of our four Ericssons showrooms or select and purchase your preferred bunk and a mattress online by consulting the options illustrated and described on our website. Delight your little ones by contacting us to place your bunker bed order today, enabling the kids to enjoy a fun, new sleep system shortly – on their own or during a sleepover.

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