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Cloud Nine

Boost Productivity with Cloud Nine

Sleep on Ericssons’ Cloud Nine and Boost Productivity

The hustle never seems to stop but getting a quality night’s rest shouldn’t be so difficult to attain. Some seem to only really get in gear after their second or third morning cup of coffee. But what if there was a way to get more out of your day, improve your physical and emotional well-being, and make better decisions in general. All of this can be achieved when you wake up on an Ericssons Cloud Nine mattress. Our mattress makes sure you get the most out of your day by waking up feeling well-rested and productive.

5 Ways Cloud Nine Mattresses Boost Productivity

Here are five ways that a good night’s rest on our Cloud Nine Medi Rest Mattress can boost your productivity during the week:

  1. The importance of quality: Yes, it is important to get enough hours of sleep, but recent studies show that the quality of that sleep is equally important. Although you could feel as if you are in a deep sleep, if that sleep is uncomfortable, your body and mind could still be restless. With luxuriously soft poly-cotton knitted covers, the Cloud Nine Mattress has a gentle and comfortable feel, ensuring that there’s no need to count sheep before falling asleep so you can wake up feeling well-rested and ready for the day.
  2. Make better decisions: Productivity, the quality of your work, as well as your decision-making skills are largely dependent on the quality of your sleep. Optimal performance in the workplace can’t possibly be reached with a mind that is overworked, tired, and overthinking. Studies suggest that decision making can take up to 50% longer when your mind and body aren’t well-rested. Fuel your mind and invest in your sleep, and you could potentially decrease the time it takes to thoroughly think through and make an important decision.
  3. Improve your memory: When getting a good night’s rest, your cells re-energise and consolidate information that you have learned during the day. Quality sleep is also important in terms of triggering the necessary changes in the brain that help solidify memories. While getting your night’s rest, your brain cells are busy strengthening their connections and transferring important information between different regions of your brain.
  4. Improve emotional well-being and stability: Studies suggest that sleep-deprived people are much more reactive to negative situations. This happens because your brain is trying to keep your body safe. It is theorised that a bad night’s sleep puts you in a permanent fight or flight mode. This means that your hormones that regulate emotions go down and stress levels go up.
  5. Boost your physical health: The prime healing time for our bodies is when we’re asleep. Your body needs to take the time to heal the damage done during the day. This includes repairing muscles and replenishing fat and sugar storage that our bodies use as energy. Our Cloud Nine mattress accommodates your body and makes sure it’s healing and processing while you are asleep. It also boasts zero movement transfer through Cloud Nine’s advanced posture support structure.

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