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  1. Strand Foam - Chip Foam - Mattress

    As low as R350.00
  2. Strand Mattress - Snooze Me - Mattress

    As low as R1,299.00
  3. Contour Bedding - Junior Mattress

    As low as R1,299.00
  4. Rest Assured - Vito - Mattress

    As low as R1,349.00
  5. Strand Mattress - Bambino - Mattress

    As low as R1,529.00
  6. Contour Bedding - Standard Mattress

    As low as R1,659.00
  7. Contour Bedding - De Luxe - Mattress

    As low as R2,259.00
  8. Cloud Nine - Medi Rest - Mattress

    As low as R2,499.00
  9. Rest Assured - Ruby Mattress

    As low as R2,639.00
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  • Cloud Nine
    Find the perfect Cloud Nine Mattress for a peaceful sleep at Ericssons Mattress & Pine. Buy your Cloud Nine mattress here.
  • Contour Bedding
    Our Contour Bedding range will fit your bedroom perfectly. Buy your Contour Bedding mattress at Ericssons Mattress & Pine.
  • Rest Assured
    Rest assured that you will find the perfect mattress for a good night’s sleep. Browse our Rest Assured range at Ericssons Mattress & Pine.
  • Sealy Posturepedic
    At Ericssons Mattress & Pine we stock a large variety of Sealy Posturepedic mattresses. Shop online here for a good night’s rest.
  • Strand Foam
    Don’t let your child have restful nights. Ericssons Mattress & Pine has the perfect foam mattresses for sale here!
  • Strand Mattress
    Looking for the perfect mattress to fit your dreams? Ericssons Mattress & Pine has the perfect mattresses for you. Shop our range here!
  • Support-A-Paedic
    Our Support-A-Paedic range is will give you a therapeutic night’s rest. Feel rejuvenated today! Shop at Ericssons Mattress & Pine here!