Single Connor Double Bunk Budget Combo

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Single Connor Double Bunk Budget Combo
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• The Connor Double Bunk is an ideal space saving solution for children who have small rooms or need to share.

• Sturdy construction made from industrial grade pine.

• Two safety rails on top for protection.

• Unassembled can easily be transported in most vehicles.

• Each bed has minimum 10 slats per bed.

• This Double bunk can be split and used as two single beds.

• Available in raw should you wish to stain yourself or a variety of other colour options.

• We have a range of do it yourself colours to choose from.

• Most single bed foam mattresses fit onto this bunk.

• This Bunk bed can also accommodate an under bed for an additional sleeping area or storage.

• This ladder is a short ladder so you need to climb over the safety rail to get to top bunk.

• The thickness of the bunk beds head and food end posts are narrower due to price.

• Average height 1500mm, depth 970mm and length 2000mm.

• This Budget mattress is low density foam.

• Suitable for children 0 to 6 years old.

• Also suitable for use as a pet mattress.

• Not suitable for adult use.

• The material is stitch bond and patterns may vary.

• The Budget Foam Mattress is available in a variety of sizes.

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